Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black and White

Ennek a flcsinek nagy sikere van a meloban :)Regebbecske keszult, es szerencsere mar sokmindenki hangoztatta hogy kellene egy ugyanilyen vagy mas szinkombinaciban. Most keszul az ellentetje, feher gyongy fekete koritessel. Majd feldobom a kepet ha meglessz. Remelem masnak is tetszeni fog, nemcsak a kolegaknak.

This piece was a success when I finished it. I had only positive comments from my colleagues from work. I made it when I started to make jewelries, that is a few months ago, but I still didn’t have time to do another one in a different color. Now I’m working on a similar earring just that the colors a reversed. Instead of a black pearl I’ using a white one, and the garnish will be black. I’ll "hang" the picture when I’m finished. :)

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