Monday, November 29, 2010

Black and White

Ez egy karkoto amit nagyon reg keszitettem, es gondoltam felrakom ide. Nagyon egyszeru a mintaja, de elegge sok idot vesz fel amig kesz lesz. Ahoz hogy ilyen gorongyos legyen ket kulombozo meretu gyongy kell hozza. Nekem sajnos nincs lehetosegem jo minosegu gyongyot vasarolni, igyhat a kinai egyenletlen gyongyokbol ez jott ki. (megtortenhet hogy visszabontom es kiprobalom 3 kulombozo meretu gyongyel, hatha jobban sikerul)

This is a bracelet that I made a log time ago. It was hidden in one of my messy drawers, but last night I found it so I decided to post it. The model is very simple, but you have to have a lot of nerve and time to do it, because it takes a long time to finish it. I used two types of beads with different sizes. I don’t have the opportunity to buy good quality beads, just the Chinese low quality ones, so this is why it doesn’t look so good. These Chinese beads are uneven and it takes a lot of time selecting out those that have roughly the same size. If you can buy Czech beads, then you wont have to deal with this problem. I’m thinking of remaking this bracelet with 3 different sized beads, I’ll post it if I’m finished.

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